1. What happens during wet weather?
Ans-  Depending on weather condition or Depends on weather wetness level. Our team updates accordingly,

2. My class has been cancelled. Will I have a make up session?
Ans-No make-up class is allowed. However, the Academy may consider subject to vacancy in other batches. For Personal lesson must be cancelled before 10 hour’s time period.

3. What do we need to bring to a tennis lesson?
Ans- we advise everyone to bring a drink water bottle, hat, sunscreen and a racket (if you do not have a racket that’s not a problem, We’ll provide rackets for few Session’s.

4. Can I get advice regarding the most suitable racket size for my child and myself? 
Ans- Yes, our  ATA’s Coaches are very experienced in selecting the correct tennis racket for both you and your child. It is very important to have the right equipment for both development of your game and to have maximum enjoyment while playing.

5. Why do children use different colored tennis balls?
Ans- Depending on the student’s age and ability different colored (pressurized) balls are used to enhance their development game,
Red, Orange and Green dotted, pressurized Ball’s used in starting level,

6. Can nonmembers enroll at city Club DLF phase – 4?
Ans- yes, we need to be Tennis Academy members only,

7. Q – What is the cancellation policy?

After registration is confirmed there will be no refunds for missed or unattended lessons – we need a full commitment from your child. Once a place is confirmed and locked in there is no withdrawal from the program mid-term, other than in the event of serious illness or injury (broken bones etc.) – Medical Certificate required.

8. Q Can Parents / guardians stay and watch children during their lesson?

Ans- yes, parents and guardians are welcome to stay and watch from outside the tennis court. Our coaches will also be happy to discuss your child’s progression after the lesson or any questions you may have.

9.Q: What time should my child arrive at training, and what should he/she bring?
Ans- To ensure a seamless training experience, our professional coaches always arrive around 15 minutes before the start of each training session to set up the court. While they are setting up, we encourage your child to arrive at least 10 minutes and be ready for training so that one can mingle with their friends and teammates.

10 Q: Do we to get  need rackets?

Ans-  No we can provide them for coaching times and we also sell them in our academy.

11 Q: How many kids are in the classes?
Ans : We can have up to 16 kids in a class, but no matter how many kids we have we always aim to maintain a 8:1 ratio of student to coach/assistant coach in our younger classes. With larger classes normally there would be a lead coach and assistant coaches. Our assistant coaches are well trained in our teaching methods even though they are not qualified coaches we think they are really good and normally the kids like them better cause they are fun!
12 Q: What is the best age to start coaching?
Ans : Definitely 5 for group lessons and maybe 3-4 for privates if you are really keen, but any age is great. One of our students was in the apex  team for his age at 12 and he did not start till he was 9.

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